Seeing as it's impossible-by-policy to import communities from LiveJournal, this is going to be a post-by-post reposting -- not to mention that a couple of the original articles on Anderen FAQ are going to have to be omitted (personal views/musings) and/or resummarized (information) because A., they weren't written by me and B., the author's no longer in my continuing circle of contacts. Of course they'll stay on the original site because they were submitted for it, but I don't think that it's accurate to give the impression that people are directly involved in a new group or project when they're not, and some of the informational/theoretical material on the site is now in need of revision and further details anyhow.

That said, feel free to check out what has been posted (and commented) previously there, in the interim while this chronically-frazzled facilitator sets to work.

Other associated groups/networks:

The Origen Consortium (Dreamwidth portal)

Anderen Vereinigte 

Arthurian Research Society 

I have a policy of no blind admissions to all my serious groups/projects, so please be prepared to say something coherent and relevant about yourself if you choose to apply for membership.


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