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Name:Anderen Academia - Scholars' Presentation Journal
Website:The Origen Consortium - Dreamwidth Threshold
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Presentation forum for research and theories regarding psychic, genetic and paranormal deviancies.
This community is the continuation and mostly-mirror of the LJ community [ profile] anderen_faq, a semi-public presentation and discussion area under the auspices of Anderen Vereinigte and the Origen Consortium network. All authors making entries here are serious theorists in the clustered demographic area that I have (for the sake of simplicity) named "Anderen" -- "Others," i.e., those who are in one++ various phenotypical ways 'not normal,' regardless of whether or not that difference is generally recognized or taken seriously as real or valid. This is a place where we will attempt to provide some well-grounded evidences and information for those who are seeking clarification and, if not answers outright, at least some assistance in following the right questions.

[Please pardon our dust while we move some articles: our LJ site has many entries that we intend to repost here, and then use this as an origin-site for crossposts back.]

Community Rules

If you want to be a posting member and have your articles hosted here, a moderator needs to see a sampling of proposed material and talk to you one-on-one (IM, PM or email/comment thread) in order to approve your change of member status.

This community is moderated-admission for good reason, as we're trying to filter out trolls, fundies, wanna-be gurus and unmitigated wankers of all extremes from mucking things up...that is, it's not set up to keep out people worth talking to.

Arguments are permitted so long as they observe basic groundrules of logic and civility, with intervention/expulsion/banning only as a last resort with those who cannot deal with others' views or substantiated criticism. Flaming and personal attacks (as distinguished from questions/challenges re one's personal beliefs or claims of identity) are not condoned.

Confidentiality is to be respected, even when confidences are not given prudently: no public namedropping/airing of other members' intimate material or personal details to other less-private communities or publically-viewable sites where they might prove compromising.

Do not repost entries elsewhere online without the author's permission and a linkback to the original post's URL. Sharing links is fine, but the written material itself is too valuable -- and financially uncompensated -- to be appropriated without giving credit and some additional community visibility/traffic in return.
There is also the eventuality that some of this content will be adapted/incorporated into books and other projects by the respective authors, so wide distribution of members' writings without gaining their permission isn't just abstractly unethical.

That ought to cover it for now....if you want to join, be sure to also drop me a line to so that I have some idea who you are and why you're interested in this community.
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