Date: 2009-06-06 07:07 am (UTC)
aureantes: Portrait bust of Alexander the Great (alexander_gold)
From: [personal profile] aureantes
[Sorry for delay in response -- been having a hectic time offline]

I completely understand your wariness -- of course it's not exactly prudent to go about spilling all of one's paranormal beans online, even pseudonymously, as there are a good many skeptical hecklers out there -- as well as the derisive/flakily self-aggrandizing "researchers" out there who're fond of collecting others' data without giving them due respect. I wouldn't expect anyone to share their personal details on here just as a matter of course -- it's more of an introductory annex to present things that come out of the private groups or from individual contributors, and to have some feedback of the "makes sense/doesn't make sense" kind from people who may or may not be involved in the various "communities" already...kind of an intellectual sampler, if you will.

Anderen Vereinigte and the Origen Consortium are more the 'in-the-know' free-for-all, and of course you're welcome to join either/both. In the meantime, I think I had better see about moving some entries before the weekend's out.
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