Date: 2009-05-22 11:28 pm (UTC)
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Hello :) I'm new to this Dreamwidth site as well, but I've been on Live Journal for a number of years (siabha_maellyn; I've imported the majority of my entries over here, posting most of them as public). I was browsing around for places of interest on here, and came across this community. I am very interested in discussions and articles about paranormal activity, "psychic" ability, and the otherkin phenomena. I have been exploring these concepts for quite a few years, due to quite a few unexplainable occurances, sensations, and encounters I have had over my lifetime. I am not certain I feel comfortable being "scrutinized" by outside observers at this point, but I find it very beneficial to read and observe as many different perspectives as possible, examining multiple angles and explanations, and hopefully coming to solid conclusions of my own (at least as solid as such explorations would lend themselves to be).
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